Google’s 1st Page

I understand that many people don’t understand technical terms such as SEO, algorithms, backlink building, inbound links, indexing, or positioning well in the SERPS… let me keep it simple!

When I talk about “all inclusive website management for 300 a month“, it includes all the fancy action, without the fancy words!

Your job is to understand your business well, my job is not to add any stress or confusion by explaining what I do in a complicated manner. In short, by responding to reviews, by using social media, and by occasionally submitting articles to other highly regarded websites….you will begin a journey that brings you to the top of Google when people are searching various words that pertain to your business.

I cannot describe how overwhelming SEO was for me when my career online began back in 2007, I honestly think those GT_Search_Engine_Journal_Cartoon“guru’s” go out of their way to use words you can’t pronounce just to show you how smart they are. Once they have people convinced (or terrified) that they cannot move forward without their brilliant mind, they can charge such ridiculous amounts of money to do less than what I am including in your management costs.

Simply put, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the work applied to a website that gets the website to the top page, naturally the top page brings more business simply because of the exposure.

However, after many years of learning this art, I have learned that it really doesn’t have to be complicated at all. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy, or an overnight process. It just means that it doesn’t have to be as complex as these large companies would have you to believe.

Should you choose to discuss your business needs further, I will be happy to explain the SEO benefits that will be included!



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